8 words about America


Do you know what a dream is?

This is to do everything to become happy. Drawing is one of the main things in my life, which fills me with happy emotions.

I paint my acquaintances, friends or those who want me to show them in their own way. I grew up in Russia in the 90s, while my sailor dad brought cartoons and sweets from the USA. This greatly influenced my dreams in the future. In spite of a degree from the university of classical painting and drawing, I came to comics and vivid illustrations.


I usually start by collecting materials. I like to collect a lot of different visual references to what I love, as well as a lot of all kinds of poses, locations and inspirational little things. After that I make a few small pencil sketches and choose one. I often draw in A4 format, but especially for this exhibition I decided to try the larger format. I enjoy working with ink and alcohol markers. At the first stage, my main task is to divide the picture into tones and contrasts. An important role is played by which I create with shadows, patterns and colored pencils closer to end of illustration.


My heroes are representatives of progressive youth: musicians, artists, activists. They all live in Russia and contribute to the development of culture. But these works are not so much about Russia as about the United States. Each portrait has different attributes of Western culture, whether it a vintage toy from an 80s commercial, a poster for a rock band, or a window shape. I like to mix what I know with my fantasy about the place where I imagine that I will live.

In 8 portraits, I encrypted 8 words: music, multeity, comics, cinema, equality, individuality, freedom and creative. I invite you to see my America. 


"MUSIC: @destined2burn"

"MULTEITY: @yanekurila"

"COMICS: @Lorabergen_"

"CINEMA: @_deadwrong"

"EQUALITY: @nixelpixel"

"INDIVIDUALITY: @doratrue"

"FREEDOM: @still.no.serenity"

"CREATIVE: @dasha_shevik"


*These are the names of the people in the portraits on their Instagram



The original works were presented in February-March 2022 in La Luz De Jesus Gallery (LA)

Materials: Ink, Alcohol Markers, Color pencils


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